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This is a story about a dinner date with Richard, my holiday lover. Would he still fancy me away from the Sun, Sea and Sex . . .‘Wow the sex!

I love the excitement of dating a new lover, what will he be like, what secret desires does he have. I know Richard is sensual, intelligent and sophisticated, has exquisite oral skills and is hung like a horse. He seems perfect and I really want to behave like a porno queen with him, to satisfy his every desire . . . not to mention mine.


by Maria Gucci, Independent Escort

A few drops of water still cling to my body from the shower I have just taken. They bead on my arms and legs like jewels, across my heavenly breasts and run tantalisingly over the smooth mound of my pussy. I move the towel over my body again tracing the water away, drop the towel and go to my chest of drawers, picking out the best underwear for my date that evening.

I step into the panties, sliding the soft silk against my thighs, the contrast of the rich dark material against the lightly suntanned flesh pleases me and I give a quick low sensual moan, imagining his lips and tongue at work. I reach for my bra and put the straps over my shoulders, pulling the cups over my breasts. I reach back and fasten the clasp, the movement stimulating my nipples, which now feel hard to the touch. Okay so far, as I look into the mirror, my breasts, though only moderate in size, are displayed to their best effect in the bra, and my well-toned stomach where I hope his hands will linger and play later is well framed by the expensive lingerie. I select a pair of my sexiest stockings from the draw and sit on my bed as I slide them onto my slender legs. I finish getting ready and sit for a while, trying to read, but thinking about him...

The ring of the doorbell suddenly breaks my thoughts, Richard has arrived and I put my magazine down and hurry to the door. It is hard to contain the excitement I feel meeting Richard again. I met Richard while on holiday in Dubrovnik with his parents earlier in the year. He had just finished a relationship and needed a companion and soul mate. We discovered we lived less than 20 miles away from each other in Harrogate, Yorkshire and said we would meet after our holiday. I compose myself and open the door.

'Wow! You look gorgeous! Richard smiles and kisses me, sliding his hand onto my hip. I can smell his expensive aftershave and gently rest my cheek against his for a few seconds before we depart. His car is parked right outside my flat, ignoring the double yellow lines, he opens the door for me like the true gentleman he is, I slide onto the sumptuous, black leather seat of his Audi, the feeling is almost decadent. Richard climbs in and starts the engine, the gentle purr barely audible above the sound of soft jazz coming from the stereo as we drive off.

The restaurant, down by the river is cosy, stylish and expensive - but then I know I'm worth it!  As I glance around I can see other couples involved in intimate conversations; this is definitely a place for lovers. Several businessmen are also out with their secretaries and secret escort companions for the evening. Our conversation is light, almost frivolous and I can feel the sexual tension in the air, does Richard know how I feel tonight? The food is superb and the wine delicious, I drink five glasses, probably too much but then, do I really need to be fully in control of my senses tonight. We take our coffee into the lounge, overlooking the river where the last rays of summer sun are reflecting on the still slow-moving water. Two swans swim by on the way back to their nest for the night, it is all very romantic, I look at Richard, as he bends his head to give me a discreet kiss.

The time is past eleven when we leave the restaurant but the night air is still balmy, we walk to Richard's car holding hands. As we reach it Richard takes me in his arms and kisses me, a slow passionate kiss, I feel his tongue slide against mine and respond with a slow French kiss. He backs me up against the car, Richard's body is pressing against mine and I can feel his erection grow harder as his hands run across my bottom, sensuously sliding the thin material of my dress over the silk panties, 'Very sexy Maria Gucci', Richard whispers in my ear.

'I'm glad you approve', I reply with a soft giggle as Richard kisses my neck, I feel like an excited teenager again. 'Perhaps we could go somewhere a little more private' he says, there is a growing urgency in his voice now and as his hands slide across my thighs he can feel my lacy stocking tops, I can sense just how much he wants me and that really turns me on. 'And you're wear stockings too', he breathes excitedly, I let out a soft laugh and get into the car.

Richard can barely keep his eyes on the road as we drive back to his hotel suite, which has a magnificent view out over the river. He pours us yet more drinks and I sink onto the sofa. It envelopes me like a warm glove, Richard sits beside me, we barely touch our drinks before we are kissing passionately, I feel his hand on my stockinged thigh, then it moves boldly upwards. A shudder of excitement runs through my body as Richard's fingers stroke the inside of my thigh while his other hand pulls my dress slowly aside so he can enjoy the view.

He lets out a soft whistle and slides his fingers over my lacy silk panties, little traces of dampness revealing just how excited I am. I let my thighs drift apart as his exploring digits begin to gently rub me through the flimsy material, the feel of the soft silk so sexy against my sensitive swollen pussy. Richard's caressing fingers pause briefly to unzip my dress, I stand up and it falls silently onto the plush carpet, he deftly removes my bra using just one hand.

We exchange a wet, horny kiss with growing urgency and Richard runs his palms across my already hard nipples, I let out a soft moan of pleasure as he bends his head to suck on each in turn. His hot, wet tongue then continues down across my stomach and briefly delves into my belly-button, I arch my back in ecstasy as it slides onward leaving a wet trail on my tanned skin, his fingers are now peeling back the lacy waistband of my panties, sending a wave of anticipation running through my body. I really love the feel of his wet tongue as it dives straight into my juicy crevice. My breathing turns to gasps as his fingers part my soft yielding lips of my labia, while his delicious tongue continues to wriggle and probe relentlessly inside my tingling pussy.

Eventually Richard raises his head, I am at boiling point, he kisses me and I can taste my juices on his tongue. He stands up and undresses slowly. I watch intently as his trousers fall to the floor, he smiles at me and peels off his shirt to reveal a muscular chest with a light covering of dark hair, then pulls his black trunks down to reveal an enormous cock, it's bloated knob glistens invitingly under the subtle lighting. I let out a groan of desire and Richard straddles my waist dangling his fat cock, inches above my face.

'Do you like to suck cock? He grins cheekily as I greedily squeeze my sensuous lips around his bulbous knob, it tastes musky and manly, my heart pounds with excitement and Richard urges me to take more of him into my mouth, I oblige, feeling the soft skin of his knob rub against the inside of my cheek as he pushes his cock deeper.

'Fuck! He gasps, “That feels so good”. I love to hear a man express his pleasure vocally and begin to slide my lips up and down his shaft, until I'm taking the full length of his cock into my mouth with each upwards movement, 'Oh fuck YES! Richard shouts again, grabbing my hair. I really love performing oral sex and my enthusiasm is obvious as I lightly rake my fingernails over his heavy balls encouraging them to release their hot, sticky contents, I really want to taste his hot creamy spunk! Richard doesn't disappoint, I suck and slurp on his fat cock with unbridled passion for several minutes before receiving my reward as he spurts a torrent of hot cum in my mouth. I keep sucking on his hard cock until it slides limply from my mouth. 'That was FANTASTIC', Richard gasps, and ‘lets go to bed'.

The view from his hotel bedroom is fantastic, the drapes are open and we can see the twinkling lights of boats below, the bed is huge, the sheets are a luxurious 'champagne coloured silk'. 'I just love the feel of silk', Richard breathes in my ear as he slides his arms around my waist and kisses my neck, pressing his stiffening erection against my bottom. I still have my silk panties on and push back against him, wiggling my hips. 'So I notice', I whisper, Richard's cock is rock hard again in seconds. I love the excitement of dating a new lover, what will he be like, what secret desires does he have. I know Richard is sensual, intelligent and sophisticated, he has exquisite oral skills and is hung like a horse, he seems perfect and I really want to behave like a porno queen with him, to satisfy his every desire... not to mention mine.

I can feel his hot breath on my neck; he is very excited, as his hands slide over my silky buttocks once again. Richard lets out a 'Mmmmm . . .' of pleasure and gently pushes me forward onto the bed, I slide onto my knees offering him what I'm sure is an irresistible view of my pert ass, veiled in sheer midnight blue silk. He grabs my hips and pulls me back against his hard cock, fingers urgently peel my panties down and l feel the smooth, head of his cock part my juicy petals of my snatch. Richard feels so big and I turn my head to tell him so, he pushes deeper, filling me with his huge, meaty shaft, I gasp with pleasure as he begins to fuck me with short strokes. His hips begin to move faster and I can feel that Richard's balls are rubbing on my silk panties, which are stretched tautly across the top of my thighs. Richard's thrusts grow deeper and harder, FUCK! It feels good, his fingers hurriedly tug on the ribbon side-ties and my panties fall onto the bed, then he gently traces a well-lubed finger around my ass, oh! That really drives me wild and I let out a loud groan of pleasure.

'You like that baby? He whispers excitedly. 'Yes I love anal play,’ I gasp but not anal penetration, I turn my head and we kiss passionately. My breath is coming in short frantic gasps; his cock and fingers working in unison, increasing my pleasure to almost unbearable levels, our kisses are wet and lustful. 'Yes', Richard whispers softly in my ear. I can barely respond but he takes my silence as an affirmative and reaches into the bedside cabinet to find a condom. I watch as he rolls it along his glistening cock with an urgent desire to feel him penetrate me, he slides his cock back into my oozing pussy. He slowly works his cock deeper, pausing to allow me to adjust to its thick girth, his hips begin to slowly gyrate, sending waves of pleasure rippling through my body. I am so close to orgasm now, my mind is a blur of sensations and then Richard's hands hold my hips and his cock is moving faster and faster. My orgasm erupts like an exploding, atomic bomb, radiating pleasure throughout my body. Richard's groin is now slapping rapidly against my ass, few seconds later our bodies shudder as one, as we reach the ultimate crescendo of a simultaneous climax, my juices soak Richard's balls while his creamy ejaculation is cruelly repelled by a rubber teat. We lie together in the aftermath, talking, caressing each other as our bodies recover, before Richard rises once again for an encore that lasts until dawn.

The following afternoon at work, a box arrives by special courier, I retreat into my office away from prying eyes and excitedly open it, peeling back the layers of tissue paper to find an gorgeous bra and panties set, in a rich, dark burgundy silk and lace, lying on top is a red rose and a simple card with an 'Dinner tonight? Love R' written on it. For once I cannot say 'I have nothing to wear' for my date.

Maria Gucci

Independent Escort serving men throughout Gods own County of Yorkshire

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Any fantasy scenarios contained in this story are purely that; they do not constitute any form of contractual obligation. I do not engage in any unlawful acts and reserve the right not to enter into any arrangement with those whom I reasonably believe to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.